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What is the BEST investment for a dai...

Robot to milk the cows? Comfortable rubber boots? Endless supply of coffee? None of the above. The most important investment you can make on your farm is TIME. It’s no secret if you know me either virtually or in “real life” that I love my cows like family (sometimes moreso). Bright and shiny new gadgets […]

What happens when your best cow frien...

I promised transparency, so here’s the short version of our last week on the farm. This is Lucy. If a cow can be your BFF, Lucy is mine. She follows me around, chews my hair, and generally walks a fine line between adorable and annoying.


Not the farmer’s wife or farm wife. I am a woman who farms, not a Farm Woman. Don’t get me started on Farm Girl. I’m allergic to children of the two legged variety. My place is in the barn, not the kitchen.

Animal Abuse is NEVER Okay

I never wanted to write this post. Sadly, I must address the recent undercover video by Mercy for Animals on a British Columbia dairy farm. As an animal lover, I am disgusted and horrified by abuse or mistreatment of any kind. As a dairy farmer, I am sickened that anyone would hurt cows and calves.

It’s Never “Just a Cow...

Today we culled a pet cow named Iona. “Culled” means she is removed from the milking herd and sent to be slaughtered as beef. It hurts. And yes, I cried, as I always do. On our farm, we spend a great deal of time with the cows and consider them our family. Iona loved to […]

Why I’m not an Agvocate

Advocating for agriculture is a worthwhile goal, no doubt. But who knows what being an agvocate means? Other agvocates. Your typical non farmer thinks you just spelt advocate wrong. The label serves only to identify yourself to others in the industry, most often those who farm the same way you do.

Lazy, Rich, and Entitled

You know it’s a slow summer news week when the tiresome Canadian media trots out their anti supply management rhetoric masquerading as “facts”. Rather than delve into true food issues, they rely on the notion that dairy farmers make too much money at the expense of poor people. As a twitter friend pointed out, we’re […]